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Markus Hartsmar March 9, 2015 Announcements

This week, (starting March 9, 2015) Tibet Server 6.4.8 will be rolled out to those customers that benefit from the update based on service usage. Customers that doesn't have an immediate urgent need for the update will be updated when the next service and maintenance window occurs. 

What's new in 6.4.8

Tibet Server 6.4.8 is includes some bugfixes in administration front end as well as updates, fixes and additions in back end core. See below for further information.

Changelog for 6.4.8


Exception handling in Tika improved
Form styling in form-editor fixed
User list displays inactive users as expected
Fixed EditRoles for articles

Updates in back-end

Reindex task now logs total duration
Improved Logging when in debug mode
Added a new system role to distinguish editors. The new role can be used now with its corresponding methods and security settings but was implemented for use in the upcoming UI update.
Removed xmlrpc dependencies in core. This was no longer used anywhere and caused problems with certain payment gateway plugins for shop functionality.


Full change log of Tibet Server 6.4.X can be found here.

Markus Hartsmar November 13, 2014 Announcements

Quickly following the release of Tibet Server 6.4.6 we have released version 6.4.7 this week, on November 12, 2014.

The roll-out of 6.4.7 will replace the ongoing roll-out of 6.4.6 on customers not yet upgraded to 6.4.6. Customers who have been upgraded to 6.4.6 will not be upgraded to 6.4.7 until new development on the site is deployed or, whichever comes first, schedules maintenance occurs.

The difference between 6.4.6 and 6.4.7 in terms of functionality and stability is negligible as the main purpose of the update is to secure future compatibility with coming upgrades on other layers.

What's new in 6.4.7

Tibet Server 6.4.7 is mainly an upgrade to secure compatibility with future and new versions of various underlying layers such as web server software etc. A few minor bug fixes have been included but those bugs only occurred in rare cases which is why an upgrade from 6.4.6 is not stressed.

Changelog for 6.4.7


Bugfix in section-loops to prevent Out of Bounds errors in some cases.
Added default robots-file to prevent possible 404-errors

Updates in back-end

Upgraded servlet api version
Tested and confirmed for compatibility with Apache 2.4.x - increases performance slightly and prepares for future upgrades


Full change log of Tibet Server 6.4.X can be found here.

Markus Hartsmar October 22, 2014 Announcements

Starting today, 2014-10-22 the roll-out of Tibet Server 6.4.6 will begin. The most critical customer sites that are known to use the features that are affected by the included bug fixes will be prioritized. Following immediately after that are all other remaining customer sites that are already running another version of 6.4.

Testing of customer sites still on 6.3.X will begin shortly thereafter and once tests have proven an update to be possible, database migration and Tibet Server upgrades will be initiated.

Customers still on older versions such as 6.1.x and 6.2 will need to be upgraded under the new version control system and then tested for full compatibility. Everyone will of course be informed in due time.


What's new in 6.4.6

There are no new features included in this release. Tibet Server 6.4.6 consist only of bug fixes. The major fix is that dealing with copying Registries. Previously the copy feature was problematic since the resulting copy didn't include the form associated with the source registry. This has been fixed and forms are now, finally, part of the registry copy feature.

The other bug fix is less obvious for users and visitors but of great importance to both performance and server maintenance. 


Change log for 6.4.6 is as follows


Bugfix in Section and Panel handling which caused constant Velocity errors. This caused log files to hog up disk space. 
Bugfix in Registry Copy feature. Forms are now copied as expected.


If you have any questions regarding this version or experience issues after the upgrade, please don't hesitate to add a ticket  in Support desk.


Full change log of Tibet Server 6.4.X can be found here.